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Southerners did something right

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Y’all aren’t going to believe what I’m writing about today. More...

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Consider the blindfold test

It took decades, but I’ve finally learned the value of shutting my mouth. Just recently, I discovered the joy of closing my eyes. This taste of enlightenment hit me at church. More...

Sage advice on hiring babysitters

There’s a part of me that misses the process of hiring a babysitter — a very, very, very, very small part of me.  More...

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Avoid the batting cat

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Through the years, I’ve known a lot of dogs, you know real dogs with four legs and four feet and an awful lot of drool and hair. I matched my vehicle interior to match mostly golden retriever hair. More...

It’s on my list, honey!


If I wasn’t such a big, brave man, I would have been afraid to go home this week! There are several projects out at our house that up until this week have been “potential” projects.  More...

The tariffs nobody wants

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In almost every case, whenever a tariff or quota is imposed on imports, that tax is strongly supported by the domestic industry getting the protective shield from lower-priced foreign competition. More...

John Glenn speaks at annual Chamber banquet

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10 YEARS AGO March 11, 2009 THE BLAKELY City Council is studying the feasibility of purchasing Blakely Cable for $1.5 million and continuing the company’s service to local customers. More...