2006-02-08 / Front Page

Ag tag proposed

Legislation was introduced last week that will create a new license plate recognizing Georgia Agriculture.

“We want to make sure that all Georgians r e c o g n i z e how important agriculture, agribusiness and agriculture education are to this state,” said Sen. Greg Goggans of Douglas, who introduced the bill. “It is my hope that when drivers see this tag on the highway they will be reminded of the hard work that goes into putting food on our tables.”

Ten dollars of the $25 fee for the specialty tag will go to fund the Georgia 4H and FFA programs. Under Georgia law, specialty tags must be introduced as a Constitutional Amendment in order to designate the funds to a specific program. If passed by the General Assembly, voters will have to approve the tag during the November election in order for the tag to go into effect.

Sen. Goggans was joined by Sen. John Bulloch, chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee, and Sen. Brian Kemp, chairman of the Senate Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, to announce the new tag and reveal its design.

“It is important that we continue to fund the great work that is being done by 4-H and FFA in this state,” said Sen. Kemp. “With the advancement of technology, there is new frontier of agricultural careers to be conquered. These funds will help agriculture education programs meet the challenge.

I encourage Georgians to show their support for these young people and proudly display one of these new agriculture tags.”

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