2006-08-23 / Front Page

Elementary school wins AYP appeal

Early County School System officials received word last week that Early County Elementary School did make AYP. The system had appealed an earlier ruling that the school did not meet AYP requirements based on scores of students with disabilities.

School officials discovered that some students with disabilities who passed CRCT testing were incorrectly classified and not counted in the students with disabilities category.

No Child Left Behind criteria requires school systems to report annual test scores and awards AYP status based on scores of predefined subgroups in which a system has 40 or more students. If any subgroup fails to meet the passing percentage set by the federal government, the school fails. Each year, that passing percentage increases over the previous year.

Subgroups set by the U.S. Dept. of Education are all students, Asian/Pacific Islander, black, Hispanic, American Indian/Alaskan, white, multi racial, students with disabilities, ELL, and economically disadvantaged.

Because of its size, Early County Elementary School meets subgroup requirements of at least 40 students for all but four subgroups- Asian/Pacific, Hispanic, multi racial and ELL.

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