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Loan deficiency payments are available
Ty Godfrey

Peanut Hay Loan

Deficiency Payments

Due to the recent drought conditions in the county, producers who have planted peanuts for harvest and decide not to harvest the acreage can receive an LDP payment if the acres are harvested for hay. For example, you have 20 acres that you are not going to harvest because of low yield. If the acreage is baled for hay, a payment can be issued. Items needed at the FSA office are: revised acreage report, crop insurance appraisal (if applicable), and FSA visit to verify disposition of the crop.

Land for Sale

Producers and investors are encouraged to bookmark http://www.resales. usda.gov/. This site provides a national list of all inventory farms that are available for sale by the Farm Service Agency. These properties were acquired by the agency through mortgage defaults and oftentimes represent a good value. They may also represent an opportunity for beginning farmers to obtain a parcel of real estate and are initially targeted to beginning farmers for financing by FSA.



Reasonable accommodations will be made, upon request, for individuals with disabilities, vision impairment or hearing impairment. If special accommodations are required, please call the FSA county office staff and we will be happy to make any arrangements that are necessary.

Controlled Substances

Program participants convicted under federal or state law of any planting, cultivating, growing, producing, harvesting or storing a controlled substance are ineligible for program payments and benefits.

If convicted of one of these offensives, the program participant shall be ineligible during that crop year and the four succeeding crop years for direct and countercyclical payments, price support loans, loan deficiency payments, market loan gains, storage payments, farm facility loans, Noninsured crop disaster assistance program payments or disaster payments.

Program participants convicted of any federal or state offense consisting of the distribution (trafficking) of a controlled substance shall, at the discretion of the court, be ineligible for any or all program payments and benefits. for up to 5 years after first conviction, up to 10 after second conviction and permanently for third or subsequent conviction.

Program participants convicted of federal or state offense for the possession of a controlled substance shall be ineligible, at the discretion of the court, for any or all program benefits up to one year upon first conviction and up to 5 years after a second or subsequent conviction.

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