2006-09-13 / Editorials

The price of gas and groceries ...

Dear editor,

I feel that I am compelled to right this letter in disgust in how I feel that retailers in this community have been treating the citizens here in Blakely and Early County.

The price of gas and groceries in this town has gotten way out of hand. I am sure everyone has heard how cheap gas has been in Donalsonville the past few weeks. Gas is even cheaper in Damascus by over 10 cents a gallon. If you talk to the retailers here they claim that they aren't making any money on gas. Are the stores in Donalsonville and Damascus getting their gas from a different wholesaler? I sincerely doubt it. The only two gas tanker loading stations around here are in Albany and Bainbridge, so there is no reason gas shouldn't be just as cheap here.

Now another sore spot to me is the price we pay for groceries. It is bad when you

pay $2.59 a pound for regular ground beef. How many people remember the price shock when rib eyes were $10.15 a pound back last July 4? How many people in this town would support another grocery store now if it came to town? No one would support the IGA store when it was here. I heard many people saying no, Harvey's wouldn't go up on prices, but we now see they can and will when there is no competition.

Rape is a crime in all fifty states and that's how I feel we are being treated as citizens. We are being raped and price gouged in our own home town. It is time we stood up and said no more. Do your shopping out of town as much as you can. Fill you tanks up out of town. It is time we showed the retailers here in town how we feel. It is time they felt the pinch besides just us.

Sincerely, Adam Askew

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