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Voter ID law upheld

A federal judge in Rome, Ga., upheld Georgia's voter ID law last week, ruling that the ID requirement did not unduly or significantly burden the right to vote.

Voters who do not have a valid photo ID can get a free voter ID card to be used for voting identification purposes only at their local voter registrar office.

The Georgia voter ID law requires that Georgia residents show photo identification when voting in person. Acceptable identification includes any state or federal government issued photo ID card, including the state's free voter ID card issued at the voter registrar's office or the Department of Driver Services; a Georgia driver's license, even if expired; valid employee photo ID for any branch, department, agency or entity of federal, state or local government; a valid passport, U.S. military photo ID or valid tribal photo ID.

Voters who do not have one of the six accepted forms of photo ID can get a free ID from the Early County Voter Registrar's Office on River Street. Before being issued the ID, the voter must provide a photo identity document or an approved non-photo identity document that includes full legal name and date of birth; documentation showing the voter's date of birth; evidence that the applicant is a registered voter; and documentation showing the applicant's name and residential address.

Voters in the Nov. 6 city election will be required to show a photo ID. Deadline for registering to vote in the city election is Oct. 9.

For more information, call the voter registrar's office at 723-4522 or visit www.gaphotoid.com.

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