2007-09-12 / Sports

My Two Cents

Waiting on the Braves, again
Jay Palmer Sportswriter

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Now I am not quoting Dickens, I am talking about my sports fan weekend.

First the Bobcats win. Great. Then the Dawgs lose. Then the Falcons. Then the Braves. My teams went 1-3 for the weekend. Oh, and I was 7 and 13 on my college picks. Nostrodamas I ain't.

Miller County put up a good fight for a little more than a quarter before being swept away in the second quarter against the Bobcats. The Pirates should be pretty good the next few years but are not ready to break out of the doldrums just yet. The verdict is still out on the Bobcats. Are they the team we saw in the fourth quarter in Bainbridge and the second quarter last Friday or are they the team that played so-so in much of the two ball games so far?

Right now they are a little of both I guess. The defense has been solid for the most part. They held Nick Williams, University of Georgia commit, and Bainbridge to just 13 points and limited Miller to just 4 first downs. The offense has looked explosive for short stretches and inconsistent at other times. But what is important is that Early County is 2-0 so far. We will know more after Friday night's match up with Cook, who is also undefeated and shut out 5A Colquitt County in their opener.

It did not take long for Georgia fans to return to earth after South Carolina beat the Bulldogs Saturday in Athens. Losing to the Gamecocks is bad enough. Losing to Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks makes it that much worse. Love him or hate him, the ole' ball coach is one heck of a good one. South Carolina did not do anything to remind anyone of his old Florida teams, but the talent upgrade in Columbia, particulary the speed, was evident Satur-day. They won't win the SEC but Carolina will have a large say in who does.

The Bulldogs still have a good defense and quarterback. But until the new offensive line learns how to open holes for the running backs and protect Stafford, the offensive production will not be great against most good SEC teams.

The Falcons are dreadful. I don't know how much better they would be if Mike Vick were playing. The defense is okay, but the Atlanta offensive line is terrible. Joey Harrington showed why he was released by Detroit and Miami. It might be a very long year in Atlanta. Very long.

Even my old standby, the Braves, are dying on the vine. Pretty good offense, pretty good defense. Two starting pitchers and a bullpen that keeps Malox in business.

Texiera was a nice addition at the trade deadline but the Braves appear to have given up way too much to get him. It looks like I will have to wait 'til next year on the Braves. Again.

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