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Football weather brings in the end of the season

My Two Cents
Jay Palmer Sportswriter

We finally have great football weather and this weekend we should have great football games. Friday the Bobcats travel to Thomasville to take on the highly touted Bulldogs.

Don't let their 7-2 record fool you. Thomasville is the best team Early County has played all year. They are comparable to the Charlton County teams that the Bobcats have faced the last two seasons from what understand.

You can't really call this a must-win game. A loss would put the Bobcats in the third place spot in region 1-AA and force them to travel a long way in the first round of the state playoffs. But the Bobcats are good enough to win every time they suit up, so in my opinion where they wind up being seeded does not matter a whole lot. But a win over a great Bulldog team would send a message that Early County is ready to make another long playoff run.

No matter where you enter the state playoffs, one thing remains the same. You are going to have to beat a lot of good football teams if you are going to bring home the trophy. Sure, it would be great to enter as the number 1 seed, but you'll have to play another region's top seed in the third round in all likelihood.

Number 2 looks to be the toughest draw on paper. If you get by the first week, you get to go play Charlton in round 2. If you get by the Indians Buford probably awaits in round 3. Bring'em on. Somebody is going to have to beat the Wolves, it might as well be the Bobcats.

If we go in at number 3 Jefferson County will probably be the first stop. The winner of this week's Dodge-Dublin game would probably be the round 2 opponent. That's not an easy two-week stretch by anyone's standard. The point is it ain't going to be easy to win the state championship for any team in any region, regardless of where you start. If we can continue to get players well and keep getting better I think this team has as good a chance as anyone.

The other big game this weekend is the Georgia- Auburn game - the oldest rivalry in the south. Both of these teams appear to be peaking at the right time. Six weeks ago all the Bulldog and Tiger fans were complaining about their respective teams. Now both squads are playing up to their potential. I can never get a fix on who holds an advantage from game to game with these two teams. Home field means nothing. Rankings mean nothing. Which team is playing the best leading up to the game means nothing. It usually boils down to who is hot that day.

It's an interesting matchup again this year. Can Auburn's tough defense stop Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford? Which Georgia defense shows up? The one that gave up 35 points to Tennessee or the one that held Florida to just 3 touchdowns and a field goal? Who knows? It will probably be another nail biter like it was the last time the game was played in Athens. The team that makes the last mistake loses.

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