2008-12-24 / Editorials

Hey, by the way Santa!

Mumbles Billy Fleming

William Sean will be joining us for Christmas next year. "And what will the name be if it is a girl?" I asked Heath.

"We haven't talked about that, yet," he answered.

Whatever, our clan will grow by at least one before next Christmas!

Christmas is special. It is much more special when we see it in the eyes of our children and grandchildren. Think back to your fondest memories of Christmas as a child. Those are the memories we are helping shape in the minds of the children in our lives today.

A number of Christmas memories come rushing up when I sit back and let my mind wander.

The one that just came to mind was the look on the service station attendant's face somewhere between here and Atlanta as Pepper drank Coke from the bottle in my hand.

Pepper was the Shetland pony Pretty Mama and Mr. Pinson gave me one year for Christmas. With a shiny new saddle, cowboy boots, hat and twin pistols and holster, I was ready to ride.

Ouch! That pavement on Fleming Street by the house was hard, and rough as sandpaper... something a number of the Church Street Gang found out as we learned how to roller skate. Most of us still have a few scars to show from those "growing pains."

By the way, how long has it been since you've seen a "skate key?"

Another... I just saw it move! It was on the living room floor Christmas morning playing "pick up stix" with my sister Claudette.

It's probably not a Christmas memory, but the music from the High and Mighty always causes memories to rush in.

I used to sit and listen to Claudette play it on her grand piano in that same living room. I would make her play it over and over. That was a long time ago. My letter to Santa didn't have many items on it this year. But to hear her play that song one more time was.

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