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Timesaving tips for creating and sharing family memories

Preserve family moments through pictures and more. Preserve family moments through pictures and more. A chubby thigh, a dimpled cheek, that powdery baby aroma — there's so much families love about new babies. From the moment a couple says, "We're expecting," the baby frenzy begins with friends and relatives awaiting the latest scoop, the smallest update. And as baby grows, so does the interest in new pictures and information.

New parents routinely turn to online resources for sharing because of the convenience and ease of use they provide.

Time spent with a child offers magical moments that you'll want to remember forever. These are also months and years of your life when you may be full of love, but short on time. Luckily there are fast and easy ways parents, grandparents, or anyone in your virtual community can enjoy and share the adventure that is new life.

Create a Keepsake

Want to remember what you were feeling the moment your pregnancy test came back positive? Of course you want to recall the first time you laid eyes on that amazing life growing within you. Having a baby involves a roller coaster of emotions and memories on which parents certainly want to reflect. A journal can keep track of those special snapshots in time. Plus, it is easier than you'd think.

Create a digital chronicle of your pregnancy and time spent as a new family. With online templates and drag-and-drop page layout features offered by services like Our365.com, anyone can design and share an online digital scrapbook. Keep track of all of those "firsts": first smile, first laugh, first haircut. Attach your favorite pictures and include other special items, such as sonogram shots or progress reports.

Meet the New Arrival

As soon as baby arrives, loved ones are anxious to hear all about it, and to see a picture of that cute little bundle. Enlist the help of a friend to do the honors of sharing the big news with well-wishers when you only have eyes for that special someone. Again, turning to online timesavers can help simplify the process.

How Time Flies

Babies transform into toddlers to older children in a flash. Photo documentation and picture sharing remains one of the best ways to preserve the memories of all your times together.

Uploading to an online photo database is a real timesaver, not only because loved ones can view images directly, but because you can create slideshows with personalized captions, as well as order gifts made with your favorite pics. With images organized online there's no more hunting through boxes upon boxes of prints.

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