2009-08-05 / Editorials


Do you feel it yet???
Billy Fleming

Is it just me or do all diehard football fans feel the hair on their necks bristle when they hear Phil Collins singing "I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord"?

Everytime I hear that song I flash back some 20 years. That was among several "kicka_ _" songs that would be blaring in the Warriors' dressing room as Heath and his teammates were preparing for a football game.

I remember one particular night in Albany outside the dressing rooms hearing those songs blaring from the SGA dressing room. I walked past the Deerfield dressing room and the city boys were playing country music. And, I fondly remember who got their butts kicked that night.

Yes, football is back in the air and the fans are growing restless. That's a good thing.

The importance of high school football often goes unnoticed, especially by those who didn't play or didn't have kids who played.

It shouldn't, however. Bobcat football, as is the case in so many communities, is the tie that binds. More than any other single thing it is the one thing that reaches across racial barriers and pulls the community together.

Both the Bobcats and Warriors have rich, winning football traditions, and I am glad I have been a part of both over the years.

The spirit within the schools and community are lifted when football season comes around. Of course, it is lifted higher when the teams are winning. Good luck Bobcats and Warriors!

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