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Crops off to a good start!

Early Co. farmers are near the end of planting season. Early Co. farmers are near the end of planting season. The crops are in the ground, most of them anyway, and the recent rains have area farmers looking for another bumper crop when harvest season arrives.

“We’ve had some setbacks, but overall the planting season has gone well,” stated Early County Extension director Brian Cresswell.

“We had some stand issues with the peanuts due to seed quality,” he stated. “But, that was something we knew going into the planting season.”

He noted several thousand acres of peanuts had to be replanted due to the seed quality issue and that peanut acreage is up slightly over last year.

Cotton planting is approximately 95 percent complete. Most of the cotton yet to be planted is that following the wheat harvest which is nearly complete.

Cresswell noted that lower cotton prices and strong soybean prices have led to a slight reduction in cotton acreage planted.

“And, the corn looks pretty good,” he stated. “We’ve seen a fair amount of rainfall since the corn planting was finished in April.”

There have been several good rains the past several weeks, and more rainfall is predicted the next several days.

“We always welcome the rain,” Cresswell noted. “But we do need to get in the fields to do some spraying and finish the wheat harvest.”

He noted in a newsletter to farmers this week that Southern Rust has already been confirmed in some corn fields in the state. “We are used to seeing Southern Rust, but it is showing up early this season.”

The newsletter also alerted farmers that worms are starting to show up in the young peanuts. “As you well know, they can not tolerate the number of foliage feeders as older peanuts.”

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