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Early County Elementary School supply lists

The Early County Elementary School supply lists are below:

Kindergarten •2 packs of crayons •2 packs of glue sticks •scissors •a pencil box •a labeled change of clothes. Kindergarten Wish List: •box of tissue •quart or gallon storage bags •hand sanitizer •disinfecting wipes

1st Grade •40 pencils •2 boxes of 24 crayons •scissors •10 glue sticks •3 packs of wide-ruled loose leaf paper 1st Grade Wish List: •Hand sanitizer •Tissue •Ziploc bags (all sizes)

*Please see your child’s teacher for other supplies that will be needed.

2nd Grade •4 boxes of crayons •4 glue sticks •1 bottle of glue •disinfectant spray •Ziploc bags, quart and gallon •4 packs of 24 #2 pencils or 8 packs of 12 •2 packs of erasers •4 packs of wide-ruled notebook paper •scissors •supply box 2nd Grade Optional: •headphones •Kleenex •hand sanitizer •baby wipes

3rd Grade •2 green heavy plastic 3-prong pocket folders •2 red heavy plastic 3- prong pocket folders •2 blue heavy plastic 3- prong pocket folders •2 packs yellow wooden #2 pencils •1 pack dry erase markers •1 bottle of glue or 2 glue sticks •5 single subject spiral notebooks-wide rule •1 pack of highlighters •1 zipper pencil pouch for a 3-ring binder •ear buds •3 packs of 24 crayons •1 3-subject notebookwide rule •2 1 inch 3-ring binders •1 pack pencil cap erasers •1 pack 4x6 index cards 1 pack sheet protectors 3rd Grade Wish List: •hand sanitizer •facial tissue •ziploc bags, gallon and quart •disinfecting wipes

Please do not send mechanical pencils or pencil boxes.

4th Grade •1 2-inch binder •1 package of dividers •1 zippered supply pouch •2 plastic pocket folders •3 packs of wide-ruled notebook paper •1 box of colored pencils • #2 pencils •1 pack of blue or red pens •1 box of crayons •1 pair of scissors •2 glue sticks •1 large pink eraser 4th Grade Wish List: •Kleenex tissue •hand sanitizer •Band-Aids •Ziploc bags (any size) •antibacterial wipes

5th Grade •1 2-inch binder •1 inch 3-ring binder (for writing) •1 pocket folder with brads •2 one-subject spiral notebooks •packs of wide-ruled paper •#2 wooden pencils, daily •erasers •pencil pouch for supplies •handheld sharpener (with collection cap) •1 set of binder dividers with pockets •24 count colored pencils •24 count crayons •2 glue sticks 5th Grade Wish List: •sanitizer •Kleenex •Ziploc bags •3x5 index cards •dry erase markers

Please note that teachers may add to this list at the beginning of school. Check with the teacher for the most accurate list of needed supplies.

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