2016-07-27 / Front Page

BOE adopts FY17 budget

The Early County Board of Education approved their FY2017 budget at the July 16 board meeting as teachers and administrators were preparing for the July 29 return of students from their summer break.

The ECSS budget includes a general fund which projects expenditures totaling $18,261,685, a decrease of $226,408 from year.

Projected general fund revenues total $17,953,939, an increase of $523,832 over last year. Most of that increase — $454,699, is reflected in projected property tax collections — $6,550,000. State and federal funds total $11,320,939, an increase of $70,133.

The increase in property tax is due to inclusion of the timber tax grant. The timber tax, while eventually received, has not been included in the budget the past several years due to the state’s unreliability in disbursing the tax in a timely manner.

In addition to the general fund, the budget reflects the Food and Nutrition Program expense totaling $1,381,192 which is funded with $1,326,972 in state and federal monies.

Another component of the school budget is the $2.6 million Capital Projects Fund which includes $1,320,000 in projected ESPLOST funds and slightly over $1 million in state and federal monies.

The overall ECSS budget totals $22,144,945. Projected revenue shortfalls in the general and capital funds will be compensated by existing fund balances — $1.2 million in the general fund and $800,000 in the capital projects fund.

While the tax millage cannot be set until the county’s digest is approved by the state later in the year, ECSS Compliance Coordinator Stella Smith told the News no increase in the school millage rate is anticipated.

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