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Put this in your hat again


I had to borrow the following column. If it sounds familiar, it was in the March 6, 2013 Mumbles.  Socialism: Ideas so good they have to be mandated.  More...

Smile, be happy!

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You’ve all heard the expression, “Smile and the world smiles with you.”  More...

Our little athlete

All That’s Fit to Print

Luke will be seven years old on Thursday. Seven years fly by for someone born in the last century. I am last century, not Luke. Time probably creeps for him.  More...

Why Trump? He fights!

A description of politics in the U.S. since the mid sixties.

Evan Douglas Sayet is a comedian and conservative speaker. He is the nation’s leading conservative speaker, an indemand Master of Ceremony for Republican events. More...

Commissioners put airport on auction block

From our Files News from the past

10 YEARS AGO  Feb. 6, 2008   GROUNDBREAKING for a biodiesel facility was held Thursday afternoon. More...

Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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Hanging out with readers

I’ve written more newspaper columns and magazine articles than I can count and every piece took more time to correct than it did to write.  Technically speaking, my first drafts stink. Fixing things takes a while.  More...

Why do liberals hate America?

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The unseemly sight of nearly the entire Democratic congressional delegation sitting on their hands and clinging to their chairs throughout Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech is further evidence that they want America to fail on Trump&rsqu More...