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Old neighborhood won’t look the same

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It was a surreal sight, those first images I saw of the neighborhood in Blakely, down in the heart of Southwest Georgia where I grew up. It looked like a bomb had gone off. It didn’t look real. But it was. More...

Thank you Lord!!!


Trying to write this one on the way out the door! No, another storm is not on the way, Judy and I are heading to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for that brain surgery she’s been praying for.  More...

Is there a need for pizza deliverance?

I try my best not to pay attention to TV commercials during breaks while watching college football.  I usually attempt to spend that precious time more wisely — for replenishing my snacks, or a bathroom break, or, as was the case this past More...

Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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Hoarding tidbits of info

All That’s Fit to Print

(Note: Due the power outage caused by Hurricane Michael, this column is reprinted from October 2015.) I once tried to enter a pin number on the microwave. More...

Nutty request for emotional support

An airline flight is in my immediate future. I’m already getting nervous.  Not about flying. About who might be on the plane with me. I hope I don’t wind up across the aisle from Cindy Torok.  Ms. More...

Trump’s North American Trade triumph

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For those on the left and right who were certain that President Donald Trump’s presidency meant the end of global free trade ... think again. More...

Save-Way self service store opens on square

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10 YEARS AGO   Oct. 15, 2008  THE 38th Kolomoki Festival may have been the best yet. More...