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Avoid the batting cat

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Brenda Wall

Through the years, I’ve known a lot of dogs, you know real dogs with four legs and four feet and an awful lot of drool and hair. I matched my vehicle interior to match mostly golden retriever hair. You could turn on the air conditioner and immediately you were covered in golden hair.

To be honest, you did not even have to turn the air on. You could just stick your head in the car window and you would need one of those tape rollers. Those were the days.

I bring this up because one of the teams in the Iditarod quit running, just came to almost a crawl and ended quitting. Now the musher — the human component of an Iditarod team — did not quit. The dogs did. All of them.

According to one report, Joey, an older dog jumped a younger dog, who needed a bathroom break. The musher yelled at the old dog. Sometimes dogs sulk. Usually not the whole pack.

You never know, maybe Joey, the old dog, thought the young dog was a slacker. Maybe he did not know the young dog needed to go. Maybe the dogs were mad at the musher. They may have felt ashamed because the old dog picked on the young dog.

There is an Aesop’s fable in this somewhere.

Now, I have known a lot of cats through the years. One grandmother planted turnips for all her zillion cats. Everyday she cooked a mess of greens and a pan a cornbread. She mixed the cornbread and turnips and pot likker and those cats did not leave a crumb.

She did not have mice. The cats had to find their own protein. They did.

The cats did not tolerate any human but her. We would try to catch any kittens and they would “eat you up.” And they would. Those squirmy, wormy but strong bodies would show teeth and bare teeny deadly claws. They would use them. A lot.

Alfred Jenkins, my old cat, would get you in a death grip but never really sink the claws in the skin. He knew his place. The top.

Mamacita would slap at anything that moved. She could be laid out on her back snoring and the next you know, a cat was attached.

So, you have probably heard about the jaguar and selfie woman. The reports stated that this woman got in the jaguar space so she could make a selfie.

I know. What has this world come to when people are taking pictures of themselves all the time. And on purpose.

Back to the jaquar. If you dangle something in front of a cat, that cat is going to bat. I am a poet. If a cat is lounging in a chair and someone walks by, you might be batted. The down side is, the batting instrument has claws that not only grip but rip. Very efficient.

I miss my hour, the one that magically disappears every spring. I will adjust.

Have a good week.

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