2019-03-13 / Front Page

City adopts budget

Emergency responders were honored on behalf of the city for their dedication during and after Hurricane Michael. Emergency responders were honored on behalf of the city for their dedication during and after Hurricane Michael. The City Council adopted the city’s proposed 2019 budget at their monthly meeting at City Hall March 5. A budget hearing was held Feb. 22 at City Hall to which the public was invited to comment on the proposed budget.

General Fund expenditures in the proposed budget total $5,379,768. They include costs for administration, city court, animal control and code enforcement. Also included are expenditures for operation of the police, fire and street departments and the shop.

The general fund is funded in part by $2.4 million in general fund revenues including taxes, fees and other revenues and by $3 million in transfers from the city’s enterprise funds comprised of revenues from the sale of electricity, gas, water and sewer, landfill and sanitation and technology.

The total proposed city budget reflects approximately $17.58 million in expenses and $17.68 million in revenues.

Todd Barnes with Raymond James Financial discussed the city’s option to renew their bonded indebtedness at lower interest rates.

The council held a second reading and adopted a Mobile Home Park/Campground ordinance amending the zoning to provide rules governing the use and location of travel trailers. The ordinance was adopted in anticipation of a demand for temporary housing by solar plant construction workers.

The council adopted a resolution approving an amendment to the Pole Attachment Services contract with the Electric Cities of Georgia.

The council selected Advocates for Better Communities, Inc. to develop their 2019 CDBG and/or EIP/RDF projects.

The council approved purchase of 1.76 wetland credits from Upatoi Creek Mitigation Bank for $5,984 to satisfy USACE requirements for the Gateway project.

Approval was given by the council for the purchase of a bucket for Technology Department at a cost of $76,495.

Mayor Anthony Howard presented citations to a number of emergency responders at the meeting on behalf of the council for their dedication during and after Hurricane Michael.

Merit Commendations were presented to Patrol Commander Tonya Tinsley, Captain Nate Wimberly, Lieutenant/EMT Bruce Higginbotham, Sergeant Tracy Anthony, paramedic Genia Johnson and firefighters Cameron McCorkle, Blake Enfinger, Cody Wade, Robert Worlds and Antonio Grant.

Valor Commendations were presented to Fire Chief Randy McDonald, Assistant Police Chief James Copp, Corporal Travis Jordan. Unit Citation... “We’d also like to give a tremendous thank you to all 911 staff and directors for their efforts during the storm and after!”

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