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I can’t remember my password!

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I feel like I spend half my life trying to remember passwords. It’s almost impossible to keep them all straight. More...

It ranks right at the top!


Looking back, it remains one of our community’s proudest moments. And sadly, one that too few people understand how important it was to our community.  More...

Blast from the past

All That’s Fit to Print

From Early County News, Nov. 23, 1899, an article headlined Bright Boys Started in Business recruited boys to work. More...

Whatever happened to Dirk Benedict?

There are a number of ways to compose a newspaper column.  You can simply tell a story — write about something that happened to you or someone else. You can argue, inform, inspire, or try to make a point. I rarely take those approaches. More...

Chill room, meat smoking plant to be erected here

From our Files News from the past

10 YEARS AGO Sept. 17, 2008 TWO teenage burglars went on a spree last weekend, breaking into Pizza Hut, Blakely Chicken, Colortyme, and M&E Wireless where they stole six cell phones. More...

Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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Landscaping – getting my goat

If I were a better person I’d feel guilty. I should be spending my time praying for all the folks scrambling to stay afloat and alive as Hurricane Florence bashes the Carolina coastline, but I’m not. I’m focused on something else. More...

How solar and wind mandates tax the poor and middle class

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Liberals love to talk about helping the poor and the middle class, and they are obsessed with reducing income inequality. So why is it that across the country they are pushing one of the most regressive taxes in modern times?  More...