2018-09-12 / Editorials

Chicago, Georgia coming!

Billy Fleming

Does the Lord have a provision in His prayer instruction manual for a redo?

After all those years we prayed for and badgered the Georgia DOT and state officials to fourlane U.S. 27 we got what we asked for.

Thirty something years ago I wrote a Mumbles in which I stated... As bright a star the City of Atlanta was for Georgia and the South in years past, if the powers that be in Atlanta don’t figure out how to divert some of their unrestrained growth to South Georgia, instead of trying to divert South Georgia’s resources to north Georgia, Atlanta will become a blackhole which will suck Georgia and the south down with it! The “water war” was not yet official, but those of us paying attention already knew Atlanta was eying our water!

Headlines coming out of Atlanta the past week have diverted my fears...Atlanta Mayor Bottoms tells city jail to refuse new ICE detainees... and Atlanta calls for ICE to move its detainees out of the city jail.

As it turns out, a fourlane highway between Southwest Georgia and Atlanta may not be the blessing we had in mind over the years. As the swell of illegal alien criminals grows, Atlanta will soon be looking for someplace to dump them.

Guess it’s too late to thank the Lord for that “unanswered prayer!”

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