2019-01-09 / Other News

Blakely Police Report

According to incident reports from the Blakely Police Dept., the holidays were relative quiet.

Among the incident reports that mostly involved driving violations, small drug possessions and one weapons charge, the most serious charges resulted from a domestic violence call.

Officers were dispatched to Cedar Hill Homes Dec. 19 where Brittany Brown described acts of violence by Davontae Jackson, 22. According to the incident report, Jackson had thrown Brittany’s three-month old baby onto the floor and twisted her six-year-old son’s arm before charging and hitting her. Jackson was not located during an immediate search of the area. However, Jackson was apprehended a short time later when he returned to the apartments. He was jailed and charged with battery, first degree and second degree child cruelty.

The Blakely police Department made 10 arrests last week during seven incidents. Five of the arrests involved possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Three were charged with disorderly conduct involving domestic disturbance calls and two drivers were charged with DUI.

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