2019-01-09 / Editorials

Just beat them!

Billy Fleming

At risk of losing my Alabama... and maybe some of my Bulldog readers, my topic today will be Monday night’s National Championship game between Alabama and Clemson. Surprise!

(As much as we thought they should have been in the playoffs, I don’t think many would have wanted to travel to the west coast to watch their Bulldogs line up against those media-bashed Tigers!)

I was about to bust a gut for the ballgame to get started. I was not that antsy for the kickoff, I was just worn out listening to all the TV sports talking heads telling us lowly football fans what to think about the teams, players and how many ways Alabama was going to beat Clemson.

And, how many times were we told Trevor Lawrence would fail under the Tide’s defensive pressure?

They were half right, a quarterback did crumple under defensive pressure, but it wasn’t Clemson’s “woefully unexperienced” freshman, it was Tua what’s his name. (Hundreds of disappointed Hawaiians had a longer trip home than the shell-shocked Tide fans headed east!)

The most important thing any of the talking heads said last week was in response to a disgruntled fan tired of watching Alabama and Clemson play for the championship... “if you are tired of watching it... beat ‘um!”

We Auburn folks are among those disgruntled fans and we are working to do just that!

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