2019-01-09 / Religion


We want to thank you for the love and concern shown to us during the short illness and death of our brother, Wilson Still. Your words were very comforting as many of you shared memories of knowing Wilson during his growing up in Early County. Thank you for every card, phone call, visit and any act of kindness extended to Wilson and his family. Your love and prayers fill our hearts with love, peace and encouragement. May God bless all of you.

June and Ann
David, Harold, and

* * * * * * *

Thank you for your sympathy and kindness during our time of bereavement. We deeply appreciate your prayers and thoughts. We are so grateful for family and friends during our time of loss and the comfort you provided. It meant so much if you sent a card, made a call, prepared a meal, gave a donation or simply whispered a prayer, it was so very nice of you. All the love that was shown was very much appreciated. Thank you for thinking of us.

Willie C. Lindsey

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