2019-02-06 / Front Page

Haynes honored with memorial

Major Haynes Major Haynes “Freedom that we often take for granted isn’t free... I lost countless friends in Afghanistan that I would give anything for them to be here today,” Major Jeremy Haynes stated as he was honored on MLK Day in Arlington.

Georgia 2nd district Congressman Sanford Bishop spoke at the ceremony of the service and sacrifice of both Major Haynes and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stating, “Its people like Major Haynes and Dr. King who paid the price for all of our freedoms .

Major Haynes was told he wouldn't be able to walk or have any more children after he was one of 15 soldiers injured in an attack in Afghanistan which killed Major General Harold Greene.

He defied that grim diagnosis and four years and two more children later, he walked into Veterans Park in Arlington where a monument was unveiled in the park with his name and honors.

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